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Cheating Seniors on Dating Site

Is it possible that such a thing cannot be reported in Italy ??? They are fictitious dating sites that take advantage of older people unaccustomed to the web who are duped and spend money in exchange for promises of fictional dating profiles that will never happen christiancupid user review.

Hi Mel, I’m sorry about your situation. Unfortunately, if it is already very difficult to think of proceeding against sites that do not insert this clause in the T & Cs, it is absolutely impossible to do so on those who make you accept this condition. If you then consider that they are all based abroad, try to imagine the difficulties of an international letter of letters.

I signed up for meetic for 6 months and I came across three fake profiles, a recent one using photographs of an actor Antonio Sabàto jr. The profile was immediately closed by those who replied to my messages. I think they are simply paid people. by Meetic.

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