Aunt Lucy’s Delicious Flakey Buttery Paula Dean Crusted Apple Surprise

To look at this photo again after days have gone by since I ate it It sorta looks like alien vomit.  I guess you had to be there to get the smell of the whole operation to get a sense for how amazing it was.  Freshly made spinach pasta, local onions, urban farmed swiss chard, sweet potatoes, West Side Market cheeses, and apples from the nearby orchard (we were going to go picking the apples ourselves as a romantic activity however the orchards stopped up-pick days before I arrived).  So we tossed these ingredients up into the air and when they landed on the table (with a bottle of New Zealand wine) it looked like that… For desert we used the remainder of the apples to make a sweet pastry dish which was to be for the next and last phase of our date, campfire overlooking cleveland.  -Kev

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