Balloon Boy

A Balloon Ride… It’s quite an amazing experience to feel like you’re floating over a gorgeous countryside.  My very first balloon ride ever was a complete success.  I felt just like the “balloon-boy” except I was actually in the balloon, and wasn’t going to get any publicity for crashing the balloon into an amish barley field.  Both my date and I were just so amazed at how peaceful and awe-inspiring it was.  You could wave to families from the basket as you flew overhead, scare the crap out of birds and livestock, and the balloon itself actually gives off a high pitched frequency that only dogs can hear (who knew?).  It’s a phenomenal way to get very close to someone and share a “magical” experience.  Technically there isn’t any magic involved since hot air rises, and cold air descends, but I don’t think that should stop you from considering a hot air balloon ride.
One thing I found interesting was that you have to take off and land with the help of several “helpers” while you sit in the basket trying to hold yourself inside so that a dreadful balloon disaster doesn’t occur tossing you out to the ground.  It’s really not as tough as I may make it out to be, but when we crashed into that field we did make a trail of destruction rather long.  If you click the picture of the balloon up top you can watch the video of the experience :-)  -Kev

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2 Responses to Balloon Boy

  1. Brian says:

    Awesome! Looks beautiful. And that landing looked rough….hope you fastened your seatbelt and put your tray table back into position. ;-)

  2. Dean Grey says:


    It looks amazing!

    I love all that green farmland. Everything looks so vast from up there I bet.

    Thanks for sharing your balloon ride with us, Kevin!


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