Bird in Hand

Have you all seen the Geico Commercial that pokes fun of Antiques Roadshow?  It is quite possibly my favorite commercial of all time.  When that black woman reacts to her antique being worth “two in the bush” I nearly pee myself.  So when my date told me we were headed to Bird in Hand, PA in order to take our Balloon Ride I laughed quite instantly.  ”No, seriously, where are we going?”  There actually is such a place!
Bird in Hand, PA is in fact named after that age old phrase referring to what you have being as good or better as what you may possibly find down the road (in the case of the settlement of the town in 1734).  Bird in Hand is a thriving Amish and Mennonite community with a delectable restaurant (yes that was the dinner my date took me too).  All the food served at the restaurant is local from nearby farms and generations old recipes, and it also has a fantastic family appeal (and we all know how I feel about families :-)
My date was adventurous and chose the all you can eat “super” buffet.  I was much more conservative (slowing down in my old age on date 30) and picked the ham-loaf (something I’ve never had before — does anyone have a good ham-loaf recipe cause it was damn good).  It was my last dining experience of the 30 dates, and it was a great one.  Hometown cooking, in a unique venue found no where else in the world… all a dating Kevin could ask for.  Visit Bird in Hand if you’re ever in the neighborhood.  -Kev

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