Detroit… City of the Future!

I was intrigued by Detroit in many ways… My date did an exceptional job of showing me around a place I’d never before gotten the pleasure of exploring.  I’ll be honest though, it’s a dump over there, and I think everyone recognizes that.  However this doesn’t have to be a reason for concern, and can instead be an amazing opportunity.  Smart, inspiring, business savvy young people could make a new Detroit.  Begin the momentum to get people caring again about the city.  My date is one of these individuals who hasn’t given up on Detroit and I seriously applaud him for that.  I hope the city does get exciting new businesses, “out of the box” thinking, youthful innovative leadership, and serious investments in infrastructure.  I would help if I could, and it starts by me telling my story… Detroit can be a City of the Future.  I’m sure of it!  -Kev

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