Dating in the Moment

So often when individuals go on traditional “dates” they spend the hours wondering about the future.  Will he call me tomorrow? Are we going to go out again next weekend?  What will we name our children?  All valid questions to be considered (well except the last one might be going a bit too far into the future), but the one thing that’s often missing from the equation is the most pressing: what’s happening right here and now.  The restaurant you chose, that carnival ride, hands held by the lake, or the winning basket at the game… Those things are all happening to you right now! in the present, and although they’ll soon become components of the past your enjoyment of them will never be as rich or as intense as it is in the moment just as they happen.

Not to suggest that your date is all about you, quite to the contrary, there is definitely another human being involved, and his mind is usually working on the same level as yours.  What I’m trying to suggest is that there is another component of your date which could be considered your “third.”  It’s the moment you’re in, all the delicious, thrilling, and tender details of it, and the more the moment grabs both of you the more permanent those memories will be.  So even if the man from that date is never seen or heard from again, you will always have your “third” from that date… and you two always get to spend the rest of your lives together.


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