Only YOU can prevent Wildfires

I was a firebug in high school.  Whenever our class would do historical reenactments of early European settlers and Native American tribes I always insisted on being the guy who tended the fire.  I love watching campfires burn, and still to this day enjoy the smell of burnt wood on my clothes (not to be confused with cigarette smell in your clothes… I’m talking to you states that haven’t passed the indoor smoking ban yet).  The suggestion to spend our last hours together with the flakey Paula Dean style apple pastry we made with a campfire by the city lights was perfect.  He even brought a self contained fire bowl so that our flames (fanned heavily by night time winds) would not burn out of control and destroy the entire city.  30 Dates, 30 Days, 30 Cities, 1 Fire.  I spent a lot of time on these 30 dates with low cost, high romantic value solutions to dating questions.  In fact some of the best experiences I had during this time were free.  Just a good idea, the right mood, and of course stimulating conversation.  -Kev

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