Relics and Pixie Sticks… Seriously!

Let’s define our terms:  A Relic (in Catholic tradition) is a piece of the physical body of one of “God’s Servants” placed in a special housing (usually of artisanal construction) for use in ceremony, worship, and ritual.  A Pixie stick is a sugary candy sucked through a faux straw.  Relics have traditionally taken the form of a piece of bone, the remains of blood, and my personal favorite, the foreskin relic.  Pixie sticks come in flavors such as grape, orange, and of course maui punch.  A Pixie stick is something you eat, and a Relic is something you worship.  One is made of “mostly” organic material and the other is what used to be organic material.  Where is the intersection?  What is he talking about?  And why is there a photo of a scarecrow above?
Both can be found within just feet of each other at the Botanical Gardens of Cleveland and Cleveland Museum of Art.  I’ll let you guess where the sugary sweets are located and where the foreskins can be found.  I’ve always loved museums and gardens.  Both are usually peaceful places where you can absorb some knowledge/culture and usually lend themselves to specific memories.  For example, in the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art I remember seeing several amazing pieces but the one burned into my mind is the anatomically correct papier mache models living in a torture chamber with harsh red lighting (jeez, what does this say about me?)  The experience at the botanical gardens in Cleveland will always be one of huge containers of pixie sticks, while the exhibit across the road on foreskins in a box also attracted my attention.  So there you have it, one date in Cleveland to be remembered through two totally unrelated objects.  Memory by association.  -Kev

p.s. if you want the pixie sticks at the gardens you have to ask the Librarian :-)

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