The 31st Date…

And on the 31st Day… Kevin flew to Beijing China.  Some folks when they first heard this on Halloween when I disclosed this little twist (or big twist depending on how you look at it) thought “oh wow, he just picked up and flew to China, he’s amazing.”  Trust me, I’m not that amazing.  This was actually in the works since the day before “30 dates” began.  I’d love to be able to show up at an airport and say, “I’m Kevin, send me to China,” but alas, that’s not how life works.  You need to apply for a visa in person from the consulate in the region of the country within which you live, and that was going to be a problem for me since I was going to be in many many regions of the country in the month of October.  So praise be with my sister who very kindly offered to take care of my paperwork for me while I was dating 31 different individuals.  But it just dawned on me… you have no idea WHY I would go to such lengths to be on a plane bound for the orient on Halloween.
When I sorted through the 1000 proposals to start this journey I came across two that stuck out above the rest as ones that “spoke to me.”  One of those literally spoke directly to me since he had “known” me for two years, sadly that disqualified him from participation in the 30 dates because I’m a stickler for the rules.  The other was someone I didn’t recognize from their proposal (but who I would later come to recognize after an odd set of circumstances), and I was very eager to have him be my date in Washington D.C.  Unfortunately for me his plans since putting in an incredibly thoughtful and moving proposal had changed due to a snafu requiring him to be overseas during the entire month of October.  On the 29th of September we had a two hour phone call, because he was no longer capable of being a part of “30 dates” and I felt I owed it to him to at least speak with one of the two best proposals I received.  During that phone call a seed was laid down in my brain… I’m a moderately resourceful human being, and by-golly (no one uses this phrase anymore hence why I’m choosing to resurrect it) I was capable of carrying through with that date if I wanted to.  Unbeknownst to “Date 31,” as we spoke I was searching the inter-web for the ability to fly to China on Halloween.  Was it doable? Yes.  Did I do it.  Yes!
Fast forward 31 days and we come to 4pm EST Halloween day at JFK airport.  I departed the US, visa in hand for one final date.  30 had become 31 with the former being completely in the States and the later the only international (now come on folks, did anyone who knows me well really think I’d be able to resist the temptation to travel overseas as a part of this adventure???).  One hour to Boston, Two hours to Chicago, Thirteen hours to Beijing, and there I was… standing in front of Date #31 in the arrivals lane (I had hoped he would hold up a sign with my name on it, he said he thought about doing it which made me smile).  It was an awkward time to start a date, or dating process since it was almost 1 in the morning Beijing time.  He had to work the next day which made that difficult for a date as well.  I had jet-lag in a severe and almost crippling way which then ruined that night.
The story isn’t much more exciting beyond that.  I choose political returns for the election (which occurred early Wednesday morning our time) to be the first time we’d sit together, have a glass (or a lot) of wine and get to know each other.  Lesson learned:  don’t watching political returns with someone you are on a date with, it’s a dumb idea.  Talking politics is fine, participating in it’s holiest day isn’t.  In the end there really wasn’t much to say.  We weren’t at all compatible from the point of view of dating, or as it turns out from the point of view of friendship.  Odd since what had been written in that proposal spoke so strongly to me at the time.
We went our own separate ways, and I personally ran completely and totally out of steam.  I was spent!  And spent on the other side of the planet no less.  In the remaining days in China I fasted, meditated, medicated, took exotic potions, slept, fasted some more, slept some more, tripped out for at least 12 hours, and then returned… returned to Earth and to the U.S.  It was time to make some choices…  -Kevin

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  1. Henri says:

    Ah… Aside from your date in Beijing, I actually recognize the scene in your picture. Taken from either the bar or the restaurant on the top of the Park Hyatt? I ate at the restaurant once at the beginning of 2009, and the food wasn’t very impressive at all, or maybe it was because that was a breakup dinner on my ex-boyfriend’s birthday. =) Good luck, Kevin! Maybe come to Shanghai. I just moved here from New York two weeks ago, and maybe we can explore the city together…

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