The View from Up Here

I’m a firm believer in man-made beauty.  One of my favorite views is the sun showing the red hues of sunset side-scattered off the Hong Kong skyline as seen from Victoria Peak.  Above was the start of my date in Pittsburgh, a gorgeous view on a day promising amazing weather.  Day 30 and the journey was coming to an end.  This was one of my date’s favorite places in the city (he’d only lived in Pittsburgh for two years after moving to attend Carnagie Melon).  No one had ever told me Pittsburgh was so beautiful a city, set in the cradle of the Alleghany and Monongahela rivers as they combine to form the Ohio River.  As seen from Mt. Washington (the view above) it looks like the perfect cityscape: neat, centralized, and elegant… bathed in rivers and symmetrically beautiful.  City vista… a great place for a walk and talk.  To bad we neither had time to walk nor talk… we were late for a balloon date.  -Kev

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  1. A balloon date sounds like fun! Sounds like you ended your month on a high note! By the way, I read some of your older posts and I’m sorry that your date in Chicago stood you up. Speaking as a Chicagoan, I know of several gay guys who would have shown up for you. :)

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