Urban Gardening

My date in Cleveland practices urban gardening (growing vegetables and crops within city limits).  Cities in the rust belt are finding themselves with an overabundance of unused, vacant land.  Of course not all this land can be used to grow a vegetable garden, but there are some places where it can be done, and this is an example of how to get locally grown, fresh produce even when you live in a densely populated area.  I think about it like this… would you rather buy a fistful of radishes (radishes are measured in fistfuls you know) from an urban farmer who pulled them out of the ground 3 miles from where you live earlier that day or from a trucked in California uber-farm.  This is my push for sustainable local agriculture.  I know organic is a big buzz word now-a-days, but if you read up on what organic farming actually is you’ll find a crock of crap behind the whole thing (literally, they use crap as fertilizer).  Local agriculture is just like having your own garden in your backyard, and like your backyard garden you need to be mindful of seasons.  In Cleveland like where I grew up in central New York (we had a garden out back, and my parents still do) it gets very cold and snowy in the winter.  Not much grows, but that just means to be supporting local agriculture you would need to get more creative.  This year my mother and I made our own spaghetti sauce out of all the leftover vegetables in the garden.  That way our pasta meals over the winter (when we fatten up for hard times) will have been grown right out back.  Just some things my date and I had talked about which I thought I’d share with you.  Two big pushes I’ve been on in the last two months:  Sustainable local agriculture… and eating Lionfish (they’re excellent).  -Kev

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