What’s Hot in Cleveland?

Our Cleveland date began with cheese!  In preparation for a wonderful dinner we were to cook together my date drove me over the Guardians of Transportation to the West Side Market for fresh ingredients.  Lunch was “the best falafel known to mankind” in the words of my upbeat date.  It was a damn good falafel and the conversation was good as well.  Discussing urban farming, sustainable agriculture, and raw meats.  My date is employed by a local group which works with youths engaged in urban farming.  There were raw carrots freshly harvested in his car giving the vehicle a very pleasant scent.  So my first recommendation from my Cleveland experience is to ditch those outdated christmas tree car air fresheners and get a freshly harvested carrot instead.
The West Side Market began operation in Cleveland in 1840 and has been going strong ever since.  The feeling inside is of a European style gathering place with individual stalls holding fresh items vendors prepared earlier that morning.  It’s like the supermarket, only infinitely better, giving shoppers a much better sense of where their food is coming from.  What’s Hot in Cleveland?  Three words:  Sweet Potato Scones!  -Kev

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  1. Alex Gildzen says:

    so glad y0u made it to WSM. one of my favorite places.

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